Awesome ties for fashionable guys

Señor Guapo is an authentic Dutch brand with global ambitions. Founded to kick boring, traditional ties to the curb.
We make  "Awesome ties for fashionable guys".

Guess what! That fashionable guy? That's you! Our awesome ties are bold handmade ties in rich colours with subtle details made from natural materials. Read our story here.

as seen in gq magazine

Men's fashion & style brought to you by industry experts at GQ magazine provides entertainment, sport and culture news, reviews and comment.


We are extermely proud that GQ Magazine decided to feature our Senor Guapo ties at their ' GQ favourites section'.


You will find our Carlos tie in the September issue, our Pablo tie in the October issue and our Jose tie in the November issue.


"I'm really happy with the awesome  Señor Guapo tie. The details and quality are really great. We bought the tie for a succesful attorney, and he wears his tie very often. He really steals the show when he wears it."

- Elskesan Kortsmit -

" My husband chose the navy blue Carlos with the denim detail and wooden button and he likes it a lot. The Senor Guapo tie has a nice twist, but the details are so subtle that he is able to wear the tie with almost all his casual and business outfits."

- Erica van Dijkhuizen -

"I often wear my Senor Guapo tie. I was really surprised with the nice fabric and the quality of the tie. Thanks to my new collection of ties, I like to wear ties again. This specific tie is really comfortable and easy to wear

- Dave Kanters -

Stropdas Senor Guapo blauw

hall of fame

Señor Guapo ties are taking over the streets and even Dutch television.


We are extremely proud that award winning TV-host Arjen Lubach, stand-up comedian and TV-host Tijl Beckand, news anchor Mark Visser, Net5 host Rik van der Westelaken, singer songwriter Danny Vera and political reporter Xander van der Wulp are rocking their Senor Guapo tie on television as well as in their personal lives.